BLANK SLATE (Blank Space Oscars 2015 Commentary) | Writer, Director, Producer, Actor

Watch: To the Academy and All People in the Film Business: We Need to Do Better

Each year, Women and Hollywood brings you a video that illuminates our feelings about the Oscar season. This year, three generations of the Athena Film Festival team took on that task to bring you, with a ton of smartness and creativity, their version of Taylor Swift’s “Blank Slate.”

I am so proud of this amazing generation of young women who will push all of us to be better.

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Source: The Hollywood Reporter, Author: Lorena O’Neil

This #AskHerMore Taylor Swift Parody Video Calls Out Oscars for Racism, Sexism

Silverstein is co-founder and artistic director of the Athena Film Festival, so this year she asked a group of 20-year-olds from the festival to help out. They came up with the idea to parody Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space” and call it “Blank State.”

Edge of the Woods | Associate Producer, Actor

Source: The Daily Fandom, Author: Rachel A.

‘Edge of the Woods’ – The Feminist Potential of the Dystopian Fairytale

About a week ago, I was moments away from signing off Tumblr and surrendering to my bed whena post came across my dash that sent me careening like Alice down an internet rabbit hole. The post was for an independent short film trailer titled “Edge of the Woods,” and I want to give the film, and its crowdfunding effort, a major plug, because…